Is the Sales Funnel Obsolete?

In a word… YES.


Because the original sales funnel was developed back in 1898 to explain the process of selling…

Life insurance!

So if you sell insurance, fine.

But if you sell complex, consultative solutions to businesses, involving multiple buying influencers and long cycle times, having one big sales funnel doesn’t make any sense.

In truth, the traditional sales funnel is outdated because…

It was never intended to represent the B2B complex sale in the first place!

Fortunately, there’s no need to re-invent the wheel. The concept of the funnel is still valid.

But instead of dumping all your customers and prospects into a one-size-fits-all funnel, imagine having a series of “mini”sales funnels like this:

mini sales funnels

When you break down the sales funnel into multiple smaller funnels, you can focus on optimizing each one.

And that’s the best way to improve your overall sales process and make it more productive, predictable and scalable.

Check out these mini sales funnels for:

Also, I’ve written a primer on mini funnels called:

sales-funnel-mythsWhy Almost Everyone Is Dead Wrong About The Sales Funnel

You can get the report here.