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One of the hottest trends in B2B sales and marketing?sales funnel library

Sales Funnels!

But here’s the twist.

Instead of rolling all your customers and prospects into one big funnel, the smart way to view your funnel is a series of “mini” sales funnels.

Mini funnels are the “funnels within the funnel”.

master sales funnel blueprint

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In essence, mini funnels are the workflows that drive the output of the big funnel by attracting and leading prospects down the customer journey.

The 3 Types of Mini Sales Funnels

Though there are dozens of different variations of mini funnels, there are 3 main types:

1.  Lead Generation Funnels

For attracting high-quality leads, e.g.:

Inbound marketing funnels, trade show funnels, social selling funnels.

2.  Sales Conversion Funnels

For converting leads into sales opportunities and paying customers.

Includes sales call funnels, sales presentation and proposal funnels.

3.  Customer Success Funnels

For maximizing lifetime customer value:

Loyalty funnels, referral funnels, advocacy funnels.

Smart, Simple, Effective

The best thing about mini sales funnels is they can be implemented and producing results in a matter of days — not weeks or months.

That’s why I’m building a library with a collection of the top B2B sales and marketing funnels — all tested and proven by a talented group of “A-Players”.

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