New Library of B2B Sales and Marketing Funnels

The hottest trend in B2B sales and marketing?

Sales Funnels!

But here’s the twist.

Instead of having one big funnel for all your customers and prospects, the idea is to string together a sequence of “mini funnels” guiding decision-makers down the purchasing path.

In other words, mini funnels are “the funnels within the funnel”:

master sales funnel blueprint

[click to enlarge]

Mini funnels are simple, smart and effective.

That’s why I’m building a library of the top B2B sales and marketing funnels — all tested and proven.

The collection includes:b2b sales funnel library

  • Blueprints of funnels for lead generation, sales conversion and customer success
  • Step-by-step implementation guides
  • Case studies, tools and recommended resources

These funnels can be executed in a matter of days — not weeks or months.

New funnels are added to the library every week.


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