The Hidden Secret to Sales Enablement

At the heart of selling is your sales message.
Get that right, and the rest of the sales process goes much smoother.

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When you boil it down, sales is about “delivering the right message to the right buyer at the right time”.

That’s why the message is the hidden “secret” to success.

When you get that right, selling becomes a lot easier.

But crafting the right words for every selling situation is tough. It’s more art than science.

Plus, each scenario is unique: Different buyers… different companies… different needs… at different stages of the buying process.

Success leaves clues. Emulate what works.

The trick is to find sales messages that have been proven to work by other people and “reverse engineer” them into winning messages of your own.

That’s the fastest, surest path to success — and avoiding frustration and disappointment.

Inside this site is a goldmine of tested, proven sales messages along with step-by-step templates, formulas and guides.

Need to write a cold email?

Try the ABC Cold Email Formula or the Point Blank Email Template.

An email for prospects who’ve gone silent?

Check out the Search Party Letter or the Last Chance Sales Email.

A message for CEO’s?

Crack the Code to the CEO’s Office.

Or just spruce up your routine emails with the Ultimate Email Signature Tool.

These templates are adapted and inspired by some of the sharpest minds in sales and marketing, from old-school sales copywriting giants to modern social marketers including:

Mark Cuban, Ryan Deiss, Yanik Silver, Dan Kennedy, Steli Efti, Ilya Semin, Dan Martell, Jill Rowley, Michael Fortin, Dave Kurlan, Mike Palmer, Frank Kern, Noah Kagan, Dean Jackson, Jason Leister, Michael Senoff, John Carlton, Geoffrey James, Gary Halbert, Martin Conroy, Robert Collier and more.

In total, this library of messages has triggered well over $2 billion dollars in revenue.

This letter alone brought in between $1 – 2 billion dollars.  This one pulled in $300,000 a day at its peak.

Find a template that fits your “touch point”, adapt it, tweak it, make it your own.

Some messages, like this 6-word email, are cut-and-paste easy to use within minutes.

Others, like the 60-Minute Naked Truth Sales Presentation, require a little more strategic thinking.

Either way, you’ll get a huge head start and save hours of painful trial and error.

Bottom line: When it comes to creating a winning sales message, there’s no need to wing it.

It’s faster, easier and more effective to emulate what works.

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