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shock and awe sales funnel

NEW:    The “Shock and Awe” Funnel for New Customers

A Shock and Awe package is a unique, interesting and extraordinary welcome gift for new customers.

It’s something so unexpected, surprising and memorable, the customer has no choice but to be delighted and impressed enough to say “Wow”.

That’s why it’s called “Shock and Awe”.

This funnel can be implemented by any business in a matter of days. Plus, you can tailor it to fit your business and budget.

trade publication funnel

The “Trade Pub” Funnel

No matter what business or industry you’re in, there’s likely a trade magazine or journal that serves your target audience.

The main advantage of trade publications is they are distributed to a select professional demographic.

Also, readers tend to be in middle and senior management.

That puts your ad in the hands of people where it can do the most good — customers and prospective customers with purchasing power.

That’s why B2B companies spend around $18 billion dollars a year advertising in trade magazines.

Surprisingly, 13 out of 14 B2B marketers get magazine ads terribly wrong.

The Trade Pub Funnel reveals a proven step-by-step methodology for converting trade magazine ads into first-time meetings with quality prospects.

downsell funnel

The “Downsell” Funnel

According to numerous studies, the majority of sales proposals fail. The prospect either chooses a competitor or makes a “no-decision”.

Thus, one of the biggest holes in the sales funnel is at the proposal stage.

The purpose of the Downsell Funnel is to convert prospects who said “no” into “Closed Won” — without sacrificing margin, and without incurring any additional selling costs.

sales funnel optimization

“Back-of-the-Napkin” Sales Funnel Optimization

What’s the quickest way to improve sales performance?

The answer lies hidden within your sales funnel.

Surprisingly, most B2B companies have not defined their sales funnel, never mind optimized it.

It’s not difficult; just three metrics will tell you what you need to know.

You can perform this funnel analysis at any level — enterprise, teams or individual sales reps. And it fits on the back of a napkin.

content marketing funnel

The “Ninja” Content Marketing Funnel

It’s easy to forget the real purpose of content marketing:

Namely, to drive prospects through the sales funnel.

This funnel includes an easy-to-implement “ninja move” to overcome one of the biggest conversion killers and improve the effectiveness of almost any content marketing funnel.

LinkedIn Groups funnel

The “Social Proof” Funnel for LinkedIn Groups

This simple 3-step funnel combines the popularity of LinkedIn Groups with the power of social proof to generate high quality, sales-ready leads.

NOTE: Although this is a LinkedIn Groups funnel, you can use the same blueprint for Facebook groups, Google+, Quora, or any other online communities where your target audience is active.

account-based marketing funnel

The 8-Figure Account-Based Marketing Funnel

Why the sudden popularity of account-based marketing?

Because it works!

Account-based marketing is a highly personalized, highly effective approach for selling large accounts.

Here’s the blueprint and implementation guide for an account-based marketing funnel that produced 8-figure results (approx. $50 million dollars) within 18 months… virtually, from scratch.

Free Social Selling Funnel

The “Free” Social Selling Funnel

This funnel is called the “Free” Social Selling Funnel because it doesn’t cost any money to implement.

No special software, tools or training required.  All you need is a laptop and a connection to the internet.

Most importantly — it’s tested and proven to create 6-figure sales opportunities in a matter of days.

Quick Win Sales Navigator Funnel

The Quick-Win Sales Navigator Funnel

A simple, straightforward sales funnel for creating large sales opportunities quickly — without cold calling.

Best-suited for mid-to-enterprise-sized organizations, whose employees are reasonably well-connected and active on LinkedIn.

Cold email funnel

The “2-Step” Cold Email Funnel

The Cold Email Funnel is one of the most effective sales funnels you can deploy.

It’s cheap, it scales and it works.

You’ll probably find this two-step approach to cold email different than other methods you may have seen.

Inbound marketing funnel

The Inbound Marketing Funnel

Inbound marketing is one of the best ways to attract your “ideal” customers at the lowest cost possible — while building trust, respect and authority.

This blueprint provides a framework for inbound that you can deploy in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

Lead magnet funnel - blue

The Lead Magnet Funnel

Lead magnets are great for attracting ideal customers at low cost.

Plus, lead magnets are the “secret ingredient” to other lead generation funnels, like cold emails, cold calls, trade shows, inbound marketing, social selling and direct mail.

This blueprint shows you exactly how to create an effective lead magnet funnel and have it working for you in a matter of days.

Sales call funnel

The Sales Call Funnel

In the business-to-business world, sales are won and lost at the sales call level.

So why is only one out of four meetings with executive buyers considered to be successful?

This blueprint gives you a proven, repeatable framework to make every customer meeting more valuable — and keep sales opportunities moving forward.

CEO sales funnel

The CEO Sales Funnel

Why is selling at the C-level important?

Because that’s where the money is!

The CEO sales funnel includes a proven blueprint and step-by-step guide to getting more first-time meetings with C-suite executives.



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