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abc formula for cold emails

The ABC Formula for Writing Cold Emails

Important people --- like those responsible for managing big budgets --- are notoriously tough to reach. They are rarely at their desk. They hardly ever answer their phones or return calls from people they don't know. They get hundreds of … [continue reading...]

million dollar bill b2b sales letter

The “Million Dollar Bill” Sales Letter

Any serious student of sales copywriting has heard of the Dollar Bill letter. The letter was created in the 1920’s by legendary advertising copywriter Robert Collier and included a dollar bill attached to the top. (Keep in mind that a dollar back … [continue reading...]

two young men b2b sales letter

The “Two Young Men” Sales Letter

One of the best things about sales copywriting is that it is an observable skill.  In fact, the best examples are right out there in the open, for anyone who wants to study and learn from them. Take, for instance, the "Two Young Men" letter, which … [continue reading...]

oops we goofed b2b sales letter

The “Oops We Goofed” Letter

The Oops We Goofed letter comes in handy whenever you need to apologize for the relatively minor mistakes, bloopers and blunders that we all make in our day-to-day lives. Like when you're late for a meeting, misspell someone's name, say the wrong … [continue reading...]

japanese apology b2b sales letter

The “Japanese Apology” Letter

In a perfect world, products would always be delivered on time and 100% defect-free.  Suppliers would always be reliable. The weather would always cooperate, machines would never break down and people would never make mistakes. Hello! Wake up... … [continue reading...]

red light green light b2b sales letter

The “Red Light – Green Light” Sales Letter

You know the kids' game Red Light - Green Light, right? In case you are not familiar with it, here's how it works: Children line up at one end of a playground facing the teacher. The teacher plays the traffic signal. When the teacher shouts … [continue reading...]

imagine this b2b sales letter

The “Imagine This” B2B Sales Letter

When you ask a prospect to buy something, what is their first reaction? To object! But when you ask a prospect to imagine the outcome of buying something, instead of making the purchase itself, there's much less resistance to that. That's … [continue reading...]

last chance sales letter

The “Last Chance” Sales Letter

The Last Chance letter is a brilliantly simple, 3-step method created by mega pro copywriter John "just sell the damn thing" Carlton. Here's the formula: 1. Tell them what you've got 2. Tell them what it will do for them 3. Tell them what … [continue reading...]

gain-logic-fear b2b sales letter

“Gain-Logic-Fear” Follow Up Series [Sample]

An example of the "Gain-Logic-Fear" email series Here's the scenario: Let's say you're trying to sell CRM software to "Joe", the VP of sales at a global Fortune 500 company. (The reason I use a CRM is because it's an example almost all B2B … [continue reading...]

gain-logic-fear b2b sales letter

The “Gain-Logic-Fear” Follow Up Series [Template]

What you can learn from one of the most successful email marketers on the planet Ryan Deiss is an 8-figure internet marketer who relies heavily on the written word. His firm sends out millions of emails a week (some 58,316,432 … [continue reading...]