7 Days to a Cold Email Funnel that Works


from the desk of Jeff Simmons

Friday, June 23rd, 2017
To: Fellow B2B Sales & Marketing Pros

Here’s my big bold prediction for 2017:

Lead generation will be the no. 1 challenge in B2B sales and marketing.

Actually, it’s a pretty safe bet, because lead generation is ranked as the biggest challenge every year.

In fact, I read recently that 80% of companies have active lead generation funnels — but less than 20% are meeting their targets.

Personally, if I had to pick just one funnel to produce high-quality leads, hands down, it would be…

The Cold Email Funnel

Done right, cold email is cheap, it scales and it works fast.

Plus, you can track results and ROI down to the penny.

And now is the perfect time to implement a cold email funnel.

That’s why I created this new program called:

7 Days to a Cold Email Funnel that Works

In short, I’ll help you build a cold email funnel and have it working within a week.

Here are the details.7 step cold email funnel blueprint

Basically there are 7 steps to creating an effective cold email funnel.

I’ve broken each of these steps down into short learning modules.

Each module takes about one hour to complete.

There’s a short video plus:

  • Blueprints
  • Fill in the blank templates
  • Step-by-step guides and worksheets

7-day cold email funnel kit
After each lesson, you send me your worksheets and I’ll give you my personal feedback and recommendations in a live coaching session.

And then we move on to the next step.

It’s that simple:

Learn.  Do.  Review.

Step-by-step, one-hour-a-day and you’ll have a cold email funnel working within a week.

However, if you prefer to go at your own pace, that’s fine too. It’s “on-demand” learning, so the schedule is totally up to you.

In the end, my goal is to help you create and deploy a cold email funnel that works.

And make you look like a hero (;

So I’ll provide all the materials, coaching, guidance, support and accountability you need to make it happen.

What does it cost?

In the future, I plan to charge at least $497 for this program, because it’s totally worth it.

But for a limited time, I’ve decided to make this course available at a special price of $297.

In addition, the program is risk-free — the fees are 100% refundable if you’re not completely satisfied.7-day cold email funnel guarantee

Sound good?

So if you’re serious about Cold Email, click the button below to enroll, and I’ll send you the pre-course materials you’ll need to get started.
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Why is now such a good time for cold email?

Email is still the no. 1 way to reach business executives.

So it comes to connecting with prospects and customers, there’s no channel with a wider reach than email.


How do I know if this program is right for me?

There are 3 criteria to consider before you enroll:

1. First, this is not for beginners. You need to be an intermediate to advanced B2B salesperson or marketer.

2. You should be selling products, services or software to business customers.

3. Finally, your target buyers need to be “knowledge” workers — people whose jobs involve handling or using information — which include C-level plus executives in marketing, accounting, finance, manufacturing, R&D, IT, legal, HR, etc.

Who developed this Cold Email Funnel?

I first learned the concepts and framework for this funnel about 10 years ago from a guy named David Frey.

It took me months to put together all the moving parts before finally launching it for an engineering firm targeting Fortune 500 manufacturers.

We sent out the first email on a Friday morning, and frankly, there were a lot of doubters at the firm, because it was totally different from the way they were marketing at the time.

And I wasn’t too sure myself, so I was pretty nervous when we hit the “send” button.

Within minutes my Blackberry started going off.

I remember scrolling through the email replies as they came streaming in, just shaking my head.

At the peak, they were coming in at a rate of one-a-minute.

About 300 leads came in during that first weekend… thousands over the next 12 months.

Since then, this very same framework has been proven time and again in hundreds of different market segments.

However, please understand that generating leads at a rate one-a-minute is not typical. The chances you will achieve that (or need that) kind of volume are highly unlikely.

And this is not a “silver bullet”, “lazy man’s way to riches” or “magic pill” of any kind.

You still need to put in the work.

What kind of payment do you accept?

You can enroll online using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

Bottom line, the Cold Email Funnel is a great way to hit the New Year running with a full calendar of meetings with prime prospects.
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Here’s a sampling of what’s inside 7-Day Cold Email Funnel

– The business case for the cold email funnel

– The blueprint, framework and key strategies behind the funnel

– The secret of the Value Ladder and how to use it to structure your cold email sequence

– 3 elements to every successful cold email

– 3 psychological sales “triggers” and how to use them in your email sequence

– How to avoid the biggest mistakes that kill response

– 2 ways to start an email conversation with prospects that lead to a meeting

– The subject line that pulled in 10k leads

– How to deal with prospect who don’t respond

– How to respond to prospects who say “no”

– How to track key metrics and sales conversion goals

– A recommended short list of tools for a more effective, efficient funnel

– The truth about short emails vs. long emails — which one really works and why

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