The “Social Proof” Funnel for LinkedIn Groups – Part 1

Social proof funnel for LinkedIn groups
This sales funnel combines the popularity of LinkedIn Groups with the power of social proof to generate high quality, sales-ready leads.

NOTE: Although this funnel is for LinkedIn Groups, you can use the same blueprint for Facebook groups, Google+, Quora, or any other online communities where your target audience is active.



LinkedIn Groups funnel
No matter what kind of business you’re in, chances are there’s a group on LinkedIn (if not multiple groups) where your target audience hangs out.

More importantly, inside these groups, members occasionally discuss:

  • Your product category
  • Your products
  • Your competitors’ products

Typically, these discussions begin with a question like:

“What’s the best…?”

“What do you think of…?”

“What do you recommend for…?”

Here are five examples:

1.   “Looking for Recommendations on <insert your category here>

linkedin groups sales funnel

LinkedIn groups sales funnel

linkedin groups sales funnel

sales funnel for LinkedIn groups


2.   “Looking for alternatives to <insert your largest competitor’s name here>?”

Sales funnel for LinkedIn groups


3.   “What Do You Think of <insert your competitor’s name here>?”

Sales funnel for LinkedIn groups


4.   “Which do You Recommend for <your product category>:  <Competitor X> or <Competitor Y>?”

Sales funnel for LinkedIn groups

Sales funnel for LinkedIn groups

sales funnel for LinkedIn groups


5.   “Looking for a Solution to <insert problem you solve here>

Sales funnel for LinkedIn Groups


These discussions, which tend to attract a great deal of comments and opinions, are packed with insights.

In effect, someone is starting a sales conversation for you within your target market .

It doesn’t get much better than that. You’d be crazy not to jump in on the discussion.

But first, there are two ways to enter a conversation your prospects are having in a LinkedIn group.

Which is best?

Shameless Plug vs. Social Proof

Click for Part Two of the Social Proof Funnel for LinkedIn Groups



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