The Million Dollar Book Funnel [B2B Sales Funnel]

If you’ve written a book, you’re probably selling it on Amazon, right?

That’s where everyone goes to buy books these days.

But here’s the problem:

When someone buys your book on Amazon, they become Amazon’s customer — not yours.

So they go into Amazon’s marketing funnel instead of your own.

As a result, some of your best prospects — the ones who have big budgets for coaching, training, consulting, software, conferences, or whatever it is you do — are slipping away into Amazon’s sales funnel without you knowing it.

The B2B Book Funnel provides a simple solution to this “Amazon problem”.

It’s not complicated… here is the blueprint:
Million Dollar Book Funnel Blueprint
The whole idea is to convert your book buyers into your customers and clients, and not simply hand them over to Amazon.

It’s called the “Million Dollar” Book Funnel because it’s generating 7-figures for authors and consultants, all started by offering a free book plus shipping & handling.

Why Give Away Your Book for Free?

If you aren’t familiar with how book funnels work, you may wonder how authors make a profit by sending out books for free.

The secret is in the funnel.

When someone “buys” your book from you (they pay a small fee for shipping and handling), they are now your customer, not Amazon’s.

And that makes all the difference.

That opens the door for you to communicate, follow up, add value and promote your full range of products and services over time.

Think about it, wouldn’t you like to have the name, address, email and phone number of everyone who’s bought your book — along with permission to contact them?

More Benefits of the Book Funnel

  • Lays out a logical path for book buyers to ascend to high-level clients and customers
  • Produces leads, new customers and revenue as soon as it’s launched
  • Puts your book into more hands of your best prospects
  • Gives you a compelling call-to-action for your blogs, emails, podcasts, webinars, social media, etc.
  • Can be 100% automated
  • Drives predictable, consistent results over the long-term
  • Works great for marketing to corporate clients

Again, a “lead” that comes in through a book funnel is actually a paid customer — regardless how small the invoice.

And everyone knows that the easiest customer to sell to is one who has already purchased from you and had a positive experience.

The Blueprint for Implementing the Book Funnel

I can imagine you put a tremendous amount of time, thought and effort into writing your book.

The Book Funnel is the best way I know to reap the rewards of all that hard work, simply by following a proven process for generating 6-7 figures.

Basically, there are seven steps to building and implementing this funnel:
If you’d like to get a detailed step-by-step action guide and implementation plan for the Book Funnel, I’d be happy to share it with you.

Just click the following link:


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