The Sales Call Funnel [Blueprint]


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In the business-to-business world, sales are won and lost at the sales call level.

So why do so many business buyers complain that salespeople are not prepared for meetings?

Why do they complain that meetings with salespeople don’t create value — and are a waste of time?

Why is only one out of four meetings with executive buyers considered to be successful?

The purpose of this blueprint is to give you a proven, repeatable framework for making every customer meeting more valuable — and keeping sales opportunities moving forward.


The Blueprint for Sales Call Funnels

Sales call funnel blueprint



Sales Call Funnel — Implementation Guide


1.  The first question to ask before any sales call


2.  The only 2 things that can happen after any sales call


3.  How to choose the right sales call strategy


4.  A simple template to use for follow up messages


5. Recommended resources and further reading


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