The “Shock and Awe” Sales Funnel for New Customers [Blueprint]

the shock and awe funnel


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If you’ve never heard the term “Shock and Awe” package, it’s credited to small business marketing guru Dan Kennedy.

Simply put, a Shock and Awe package is a unique, interesting and extraordinary welcome gift — or kit — for new customers.

It’s something so unexpected, surprising and memorable, the customer has no choice but to be delighted and impressed enough to say “Wow”.

That’s why it’s called Shock and Awe.

The blueprint for this funnel is simple:

shock-and-awe sales funnel blueprint


4 Advantages of the Shock and Awe Funnel


1. Works for Any Business

One of the best things about the Shock and Awe funnel is that it can be used literally by any business. The only think it takes is a new customer.

2. Inexpensive

You can completely tailor a Shock and Awe package to fit your business and budget.

3. Alleviates Buyer’s Remorse

Even in the business world, buyer’s remorse is a very real thing.

Soon after making an important purchasing decision, doubt starts to creep in some customers’ minds.

“Did we make the right choice?”

The Shock and Awe package makes the customer feel good about choosing you, by exceeding their expectations right from the start and reinforcing their buying decision.

It sends a clear message: If you’re willing to go the extra mile at this stage, you’ll work hard to please them in the future.

4. Creates a Buzz

Done right, the Shock and Awe package has something for everyone — all the key decision makers and buying influencers — so it naturally creates a buzz around the customer’s office.

Timing is Key

The key to this funnel is timing. The Shock and Awe package should arrive at the customer’s office within 24 – 48 hours of becoming a new customer.

That’s why you can’t wait until the last minute and “wing it”.

The trick is set up your Shock and Awe package well beforehand, so when the time comes, it’s simply a matter of pick, pack and ship.


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