The 8-Figure Account-Based Marketing Funnel [Blueprint]

The concept of account-based marketing is nothing new. But recently, interest in ABM has soared.

In fact, Google searches on “account-based marketing” have jumped ten-fold in the last year-and-a-half alone.

search trends for account based marketing

And according to this study, account-based marketing budgets have more than doubled in the last three years.

Why the sudden popularity of ABM?

Because it works!

Account-based marketing replaces general “spray and pray” marketing with a hyper-targeted, highly personalized, highly effective approach for selling large accounts.

To illustrate, here’s the blueprint and implementation guide for an account-based marketing funnel that produced 8-figure results (approx. $50 million dollars) within 18 months… basically, from scratch.


account based marketing funnel - blueprint
The beauty of this funnel is that you don’t need any special apps or software tools to make it work.

Implementation Guide for the 8-Figure Account-Based Marketing Funnel


1.  The Secret to Successful Account-Based Marketing


2.  Do You Have What It Takes for Account-Based Marketing?


3.  How to Identify the 5.4 People Who Will Make the Purchasing Decision


4.  How to Get Your Content and Sales Messages in Front of the Right People


5.  How to Shape an 8-Figure Buying Decision


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