The Blueprint for Lead Magnet Funnels


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The Case for Lead Magnet Funnels

Lead magnets are a great way to attract ideal customers at low cost — and build trust, authority and influence.

In addition, lead magnets are the “secret ingredient” to other lead generation funnels, like cold emails, cold calls, trade shows, inbound marketing, social selling and direct mail.

The purpose of this blueprint is to show you exactly how to create an effective lead magnet funnel and have it working for you in a matter of days.

First, what is a lead magnet?

Simply stated, a lead magnet is information your ideal clients are looking for — and willing to give up something (either their time or contact details) to get.

It’s not a sales pitch for your product or services. It’s helpful, valuable information (typically) about:

  • How they can make an informed buying decision, or
  • How they can solve a business problem, or
  • A problem they have but don’t know it yet


The Lead Magnet Funnel Blueprint


 Lead magnet funnel blueprint

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2 Ways to Build a Powerful Lead Magnet Funnel

You can do all this yourself. Simply follow the links below for an explanation of each step.

Or if you need some help, you can contact me here.


Guide to Implementing the Lead Magnet Funnel


1.  The First Question to Ask Before Creating a Lead Magnet Funnel


2.  How to Choose the Right Type of Lead Magnet for Your Funnel


3.  How to Make Sure Your Lead Magnet Funnel Will Work


4.  How to Create a Lead Magnet Funnel in One Day or Less


5.  The Most Important Element of Your Lead Magnet Funnel


6.  The Litmus Test of a Successful Lead Magnet Funnel


7.  17 Ways to Use Your Lead Magnet Funnel


8.  How to Double the Conversion Rate of Your Lead Magnet Funnel



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