The “Downsell” Funnel [Blueprint]

the downsell funnel


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The Biggest Hole in the Sales Funnel

One of the most basic measures of any B2B sales funnel is proposal win rate.

Nearly everyone measures it — and with good reason.  “Closed Won” is directly related to sales and profits.

So it’s only natural to benchmark your performance at this stage.

What’s the Average Win Rate for Sales Proposals?

Depends on whom you ask.

According to this study, based on over 25,000 proposals worth $270 million, the average win rate (the ones that ended in a sale) was 43%.

This survey puts the average at 47%.

This article says 32%.

Granted, many factors affect the ratios, such as industry type, number of competitors, etc.

And some companies boast winning percentages in the 75% – 80% range.

But if the data is accurate, most proposals fail.  The prospect either chooses a competitor or makes a “no-decision”.

This creates a huge hole in the sales funnel..

Enter the Downsell Funnell.

The purpose of the Downsell Funnel is to turn prospects who said “no” into “Closed Won” — without sacrificing margin, and without incurring any additional selling costs.

 The Blueprint for the Downsell Funnel


Implementation Guide

Follow the links below for a description of each step:

1. The Business Case for the Downsell Funnel


2.  Downsell Strategy Made Simple


3.  The Secret of the Downsell Survey


4.  5 Keys to an Effective Downsell Proposition


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The 1-Week Downsell Funnel

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