The “Free” Social Selling Funnel [Blueprint]


Social selling funnels


This funnel is called the “Free” Social Selling Funnel because it doesn’t cost any money to implement.

No special software, tools or training required.  All you need is a laptop and a connection to the internet.

Most importantly — it’s tested and proven to create 6-figure sales opportunities in a matter of days.

Special thanks to Kenny Madden and Larry Levine for providing the inspiration for this funnel.

(Read Kenny’s original case study here.)

The specific goal of this funnel is to get first-time meetings with prime prospects.


The Free Social Selling Funnel Blueprint

social selling funnel blueprint


Guide to Implementing the Free Social Selling Funnel

Click the links for a description of each step:

1.  Optimize Your Social Profiles


2.  Target Key Prospects


3.  Engage and Interact


4.  The Social Selling Pivot


Tools & Recommended Resources


How to Create Prospect Lists on Twitter for the Free Social Selling Funnel


The No. 1 Tool for the Free Social Selling Funnel


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