The “Ninja” Content Marketing Funnel

Ninja content marketing funnel

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When you hear the term “content marketing”, what immediately comes to mind?

Blog posts… eBooks… YouTube videos?

It’s easy to forget the real purpose of content marketing:

Namely, to drive prospects through the sales funnel.

Introduction to Content Marketing Funnels

Since the early days of the internet, content marketing has been used to sell everything from books, courses, seminars… to live conferences and events… to 6-figure coaching and consulting programs.

The process is simple:

  1. Content attracts prospects to a web page…
  2. There, they are offered additional content in exchange for their contact information…
  3. Which triggers a follow up series of more content and sales messaging…
  4. And eventually, a percentage of prospects take action and buy.

To illustrate:
basic content marketing funnel
In the B2B world, the content marketing funnel is quite similar.

However, the end goal is different.

Instead of a “sale” at the end, it leads to a one-on-one sales call between a prospect and a sales rep:
b2b content marketing funnel

The Critical Point in the Content Marketing Funnel

Interestingly, the biggest constraint in the content marketing funnel is at the opt-in stage.

That’s the moment of truth when prospects decide if they will give up their contact information in exchange for the information you’re offering.
key point in the b2b content marketing funnel
In reality, conversions at the opt-in stage are stunningly low — just 2.35%, on average [source].

Using simple math, it’s easy to see why this is such a ripe spot for making breakthrough improvements.

For example, let’s say your current average opt-in rate is 2.5%.

If you can just boost it up to 5% — you’ll double the output of your funnel.

That’s what this ninja technique is all about.


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