The Trade Publication Sales Funnel [Blueprint]

trade publication funnel blueprint


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The Case for the Trade Publication Funnel

No matter what business or industry you’re in, chances are, there’s a trade magazine or journal that serves your target audience.

Trade publications perform two major functions:

  1. As a trusted source of information on topics, trends and events relevant for business professionals who work in that particular field or industry
  2. To carry advertisements to that audience


Why B2B Companies Spend $18 Billion Dollars a Year Advertising in Trade Magazines

The main advantage of trade publications is they attract a select professional audience.

Readers either share a common work function (e.g. or a specific industry (e.g. Chemical Week).

In addition, readers tend to be middle and senior management.

That puts your ad directly in the hands of the people where it can do the most good — customers and prospective customers with a great deal of purchasing power.

Another advantage of trade magazines is shelf life. Printed magazines are often kept for months, so your ad can work far beyond its publication date.

Finally, the Trade Pub Funnel can be automated, so it runs completely on autopilot.

For these reasons, trade publications offer advantages other media can’t match.

However, most B2B marketers get trade magazine advertising terribly wrong.

More on that later.

The Blueprint for the Trade Publication Funnel

trade publication funnel

Implementation Guide

Click the links for a description of each step:

1. The Two Biggest Trade Magazine Advertising Mistakes


2. 7 Secrets of a Landing Page that Converts at 58% 


3. The 3-Step Follow-Up Sequence



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