The Ultimate B2B Referral Funnel – Part 1


I’d like to show you a simple funnel that’s proven to more than double referrals.

I think you might find it interesting.

In fact, this particular funnel produced a 5x increase in referrals for a company that was already getting 80% of its new clients by referrals

More about that in a moment, but first, there’s no secret why everyone wants more referrals.

Obviously, more referrals equal more sales.

But in addition to that, there are some hidden advantages of referrals as well.

For one thing, generally speaking, the referred customer is a “better” customer than one that comes in cold.

And because somebody else has done some pre-selling for you, there’s a level of trust that’s already been established.

That means a referred prospect is further down the purchasing path and the sales cycle is fast tracked.

Finally, the referred client is often “easier” to sell to, so the chances of converting a referred prospect are greater than any other type of prospect.

And that’s why I’m so excited to show you the Ultimate Referral Funnel.

The beauty of this funnel is that it provides an immediate cure for the top two reasons why customers — and other referral sources — don’t refer more often than they do.


First, they don’t have an easy way to refer you.

And second is the risk factor — they’re worried they might look bad if by chance a friend or a colleague happens to have a bad experience.

The funnel I’m about to show you totally changes these dynamics in your favor.

It gives your referral sources an easy way to refer you.

And it makes them look good and feel good about it.

In addition, this funnel is:

– Inexpensive
– Simple to implement
– 95% of the steps can be automated

And I can virtually guarantee it will set you apart from your competitors.

However, before I show you the blueprint and explain how this funnel works, I should tell you where I got this funnel. The truth is…

I stole it!

But in a good way (;

Seriously, it boils down to the principle of modeling success.

ultimate b2b marketing funnel

Dr. Dustin Burleson

In any field, the quickest path to success is to find other people who are already successful at doing what you want to do and emulate what they are doing.

That’s what led me to Dr. Dustin Burleson, an orthodontist in Kansas City who also happens to be an extremely smart marketer.

It’s important to understand that orthodontists get 80% of their new patients as a result of a referral.

And the funnel I’m about to show you is basically the same one that Dr. Burleson used to increase his referrals by a factor of 5x.

Now at this point you might be thinking,

“I’m not a dentist, so this won’t work for me”.

Believe me, this funnel is based on solid marketing principles and universal truths that apply to any business.

And now it’s being used in dozens of different industries.

So in Part 2, I’ll briefly walk you through the funnel, step-by step and show you how it works.


Next: Part 2 and the Secret of the “Wow Box”


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